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Half way Home
The Half Way Home started its function with effect from 1 Nov 2004 in Kalyan. From the day the Half Way Home started 18 children have been transferred to Navjeevan Village after necessary guidance. The house also is blessing in disguise as it become a transit for children and staff who commute in and out from Kalyan.
Day - Night care shelter at Kamathipura
The work involves, firstly, intensive interaction with the mothers to persuade them to cooperate with us to spare their children the pain and embarrassment that comes with cognition. And as a beginning, to allow us to keep them in shelters in the vicinity of Kamathipura itself.
At these shelters we have social workers who take care of the children.
From these shelters we take them in batches into the Navjeevan Village for our
full-time care after obtaining the consent of the mothers.

Family Counseling Centre and Creche:

A unique feature of our care at the Navjeevan Village is that each group of children lives in a house under the care of a family-"house-parents/house-sisters" and not under the care of wardens as in orphanages or other rehabilitation centers. The first batch of children numbered 11.
Simultaneously efforts are on to wean the mothers away from the profession they have chosen and later rehabilitate them in their own village with their children. For more of our progress over the years, see our Related Work.
Children at Day-Night Care Shelter at Kamathipura
Navjeevan Village
Navjeevan Village where the children are housed is a 100 acre facility located at Khapri in Murbad, about 120 kms from Mumbai. In the verdant beauty of the countryside, the children enjoy a rich community life and grow in the rhythms of nature. There are 165 children looked after by four real life couples with offspring of their own, who draw the children into their own family life, and care for them as parents would. Girl children are looked after by eight house sisters. The children are grouped in 20 and live in eight beautiful homes. Here, through a rich community life the children are being slowly nurtured to overcome the stigma of their parentage and to grow up with healthy attitudes. Cherished as children of the Mar Thoma community, the residents thrive in the Village's excellent facilities which include plenty of playgrounds, a primary health care and a primary school. We have rehabilitated forty five families safely to their hometown
One of the children's home at Navjeevan Village
Extension Home - Vashi
This concept of an extension to the existing village was out of experience, as the children who needed further studies could not be helped in the village. Six children went to Baroda Tedchnical Institute for technical training, later they expressed to study further. A room was rented in Vashi and six children began their stay independently under supervision in Vashi. One young boy is working, two are in 12th and two are in 11th.
Rehabilitation Program- Santa cruz / Khar village
The program continued at the St Thomas Mar Thoma Church Auditorium, Santa Cruz. 45- 50 children and 20 adults from nearby village availed of the opportunity provided.
The activities included: -
Primary Education to the children
Tuition/ Tailoring Classes
Children given the opportunity of going to nearby schools
Adult class at the village
Primary School
The primary school has classes from nursery to the ninth. There are full time teachers to cater to the needs of the students. We have 94 students from the nearby village who avail the privilege of the school. Special attention is given to children who need assistance. Talents and instincts are encouraged and nurtured. This year God willing 17 children will clear SSC Exam. Five boys and two girls have been sent to Methodist Technilcal Institute, Baroda for further Vocational Training. Our School has been registered with the Maharashtra School board. We have recognition till 4th in the Primary section and 8th to 10th in the senior section.
Children in front of the Navjyoti School
Children praying
Children studying
Primary Health Centre
The centre lays stress on catering the needs of the nearby villages. Primary health care is a haven of rest for the villagers and the in-mates.
Primary Health Centre
The centre is striving for self sufficiency through Agriculture. Efforts  are taken to make the maximum
use of the land. We cultivated paddy, tapioca, groundnut, maize, pulses and vegetable. It has ventured into various commercial projects.
Jeevan Sasya: Cultivating and marketing agricultural products.
Jeevan Dhaan: Prepare and market edibles.

The Crop of maize
Small Scale Industry
Jeevan Prakash:  A small scale unit assembling and marketing emergency lamps.
Jeevan Vastra: Stitching and marketing readymade clothes.
Jeevan Sughandh:  Manufacturing and marketing candles, incense stick, detergents, cream,
powder etc.
Animal Husbandry
We have 7 buffaloes, one cow, and seven calves. Milk is sufficient for the centre and part of it is sold to the co-op society.
Animal Husbandry
Goatry and Poultry
Four individual homes raise hens. Eggs are a source of income, however at present it is used for Navjeevan consumption. There are 25 hens.

A shed has been set apart for goats. We have 5 goats, and two little ones.
Goatry & Poultry
Vermin Compost
We could construct both the dry and the wet vermin compost. The organic manure from our vermin was used in our field and also was sold.
Bio Gas Plant
The bio gas plant helps in cooking purpose.
Village Outreach
The centre could achieve a major goal in building up a good rapport with the village folks in and around Khapri, Tokowade, Siroshi villages and tribal people. The village farmer's work in our farms in turn their standard of living and value system have changed for good. Aids of all kinds possible are given to them and our family participates in their function. Two bore wells and four houses were constructed for villagers apart from rendering financial help for different cause
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